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  • Offer expires January 1, 2016.
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Images Online Advance Payment
10,000 or more $1,000 USD
1,000 ~ 9,999 $100 USD
100 ~ 999 $10 USD
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*After contributor accept the advance payment, we will deduct this money from the balance account once contributors will have enough money in commissions on Superimagemarket. Contributors could remove their images freely after we deduct this money.

The final interpretation belongs to www.superimagemarket.com

The Details of Advance Payment Promotion

1. Participate condition. For contributors who register and upload images before January 1, 2016.

2. We will count your online image number on January 2, 2016, once your picture number reaches our requirements, we will send you a advance payment invitation. According to your online image number, you will receive different advance payment invitation.

3. We will pay the advance payment within 5 working days after you accept the invitation, once your account will have the corresponding money in commissions on SuperImageMarket, we will deduct this money from your balance account.
For example, if you have 2,500 online images before January 1, 2016, you will receive a invitation on January 2, 2016 showing that you could receive $100 USD advance payment. After you accept the invitation, we will pay $100 USD and you will find you have $100 USD available balance under you account which you could withdraw at any time you want. Your balance will show as - $100 USD after you withdraw the money and once your account will have $100 USD in commissions on SIM, we will deduct this money from your balance account, then your balance will show as $0 USD. Please note, once you accept the invitation and receive the $100 USD advance payment, you are not allowed to remove any online images until you have $100 USD in commissions on SIM.
The invitation expires 15 days(including weekends and holidays) after sending, if you confirm to participate this promotion, please click accept within 15 days.

4. This promotion is fully bound with the contributor contract and other terms and conditions on www.superimagemarket.com.

5. SuperImageMarket Ltd reserves the right of final interpretation for this promotion.

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